Wyandotte Falls

Wyandotte Falls

The 12-foot wide Misery River moves slowly out of the forest to fall in several stages. The first stage drops about 10 feet down the dark rock, then disappears behind large boulders where it forms a small, hidden pool. From this pool it gradually drops about another 10 feet through moss-covered rocks, ferns and grasses.  This falls is best viewed during spring snow-melt.

Things to do near Wyandotte Falls

Plenty to do and see if your planning a trip to the Wyandotte Falls. Make sure to start you trip here with a stop at Twin Lakes State Park. Great beach to water access, plenty of picnic area, playground, and boating for fishing and water sports. You can also take a day to play a round of golf at Omar’s Golf Course and Resort.


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Information and Directions to Wyandotte Falls

The Wyandotte Falls are located on the Misery River. It is 1.5 miles southwest of the Twin Lakes State Park, turn west off M-26 onto the Wyandotte Hills Golf Course Road to a parking area.  The falls are about 250 yards from this parking area on an unimproved trail that twists through the thick woods.

Address:  Poyhonen Rd, Wyandotte, MI

Height: 10 Feet

Water Source: Misery River