Manganese Falls

Manganese Falls

If your look for a falls that plummets into a deep gorge covered by mossy walls than the Manganese Falls is for you.  The water drops at least 45 feet from the top of the rocky gorge.  You have to be adventurous to get a good look at this waterfall as the water spills down into the gorge. There is a viewing deck that allows for partial views.  To get the full magical effect of the falls you will have to be willing to trek down into the mossy depths.

Manganese Falls

Things to do near Manganese Falls

There are great scenic spots to visit while at Haven Park that you will definitely not want to miss.   The beauty of Lake Superior, the quaintness of Lac La Belle, and all the sun rises and sunsets your heart could desire.  This area has something for everyone. Attractions like the Copper Harbor Lighthouse which was built in 1848 and has now been restored and is open to tours throughout the summer months for a fee.

The Estivant Pines, a 508 acre nature sanctuary.  Brockway Mountain Drive is an absolute must for anyone visiting the area and will provide spectacular vistas and unbelievable sunrises and sunsets.  Also, in the spring of the year, thousands of hawks migrating north to Canada fly at arms-length away along the precipices of the mountain.

The Delaware Mine, an old copper mine, has tours that take you down into the mine and allows for you to experience the mining attempts and lifestyles underground.  And specialty shops of Copper Harbor are just waiting to be explored. Unique gifts, gems, crafts, and woodwork awaits your interest.  

Copper Harbor is also the departure point for the Isle Royale Queen which makes trips back and forth to the queen of all isles.  Anyone wishing to tour the Copper Country must visit Ft. Wilkins to gain a deeper appreciation of life in the Copper Country during the early days of copper mining.

Estivant Pines Sanctuary

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Information and Directions to Manganese Falls

‍The Manganese Falls are located in Copper Harbor, MI.  Turn south immediately past the Copper Harbor Community Building on the Lake Manganese Road and go approximately 7/10 of a mile. Falls are on the left about 100′ from the road.

Address: 9332 Manganese Rd., Copper Harbor, MI 49918

Height: 45 Feet

Water Source: Manganese River