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Bond Falls Michigan

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There are other great scenic and tourist spots close by while you visit Bonanza Falls.  Check them out and add them to your plans. You will not want to miss a trip into the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park.  The Porcupine Mountains, or Porkies, are a group of small mountains spanning across Ontonagon and Gogebic counties, near the shore of Lake Superior. The oldest growth of northern hardwood forest lies in the mountains that span 31,000 acres. It has become a popular tourist stop to explore it vast pristine nature. The “must see” is the Lake of the Clouds which sits high up in the mountain.

Check out the power of the Victoria Dam, or the vast amount of mining history that includes the Minnesota Mine, the Old Victoria Settlement, or the White Pine Mine. How about taking a trip back in time through an old Irish Cemetery? Maybe your plans include a round of golf at the Ontonagon Golf Club?

If you are on a waterfall adventure the area has plenty to choose from.  Start with the Agate Falls,or the Bond Falls, the Bonanza Falls, the Presque Isle Falls, the Overlook Falls, or the O Kun De Kun Falls.

If your planning some fishing how the Big Iron River also known as the Iron River. The river flows through the Porcupine Mountains and flows out to Lake Superior at Silver City, MI. The Ontonagon River also offers plenty of great fishing opportunities.

Other things to check out are Lake Gogebic, the Ewen Log Jamboree which is a festival held in the summer, camping at the Ontonagon Campground, or visit the Rockland War Memorial.

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Information and Location

Bond Falls is a waterfall on the middle branch of the Ontonagon River, a few miles east of Paulding in Haight Township in southern Ontonagon County, Michigan. The site is near U.S. Highway 45 in the western portion of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The waterfalls are listed by the state of Michigan as the Bond Falls Scenic Site.

The total drop of the falls is about 50 feet (15 m). Trails lead to and from the falls from a picnic area atop the falls. There is a newer walkway that extends across the river below the base of the falls that allows for perfect viewing. The river drops 875 feet (267 m) down from Bond Falls Flowage, which is perched on the highlands of the western Upper Peninsula, to Lake Superior. Bond Falls is the first stage of this drop in elevation. From Bond Falls, the river continues northward to the Agate Falls Scenic Site.

A “flowage”, in the language of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, is a reservoir. Bond Falls is a natural waterfall, but it has been enhanced by a nearby dam built by the Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO). There is a rest-area park below the dam and waterfall, from which the falls can be admired. The Ontonagon River and Bond Falls Flow

Address: Haight Township, MI

Height: 50 Feet

Water Source: Ontonagon River