Copper Falls

Copper Falls

Ready to explore a “ghostly” waterfall.  The Copper Creek Falls is the only waterfall in the Copper Country that falls directly down into an old mine.  Down the water goes and disappears into the mine.  Owl Creek feeds the falls which flow from Owl Lake and eventually run out to Lake Superior.  The water that drops into the mine eventually flows back out downstream.

Things to do near Copper Falls

There is plenty to check out in this area of the Keweenaw. Spend the day in Eagle River checking out the Eagle River Falls or the Tioga at the Keweenaw Heritage Museum. Enjoy a summer day on the gorgeous warm sand in Eagle Harbor. Make sure to stop in for a tour at the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse. If your looking for a lighthouse tour make sure to visit the Eagle River Lighthouse as well, and the Copper Harbor Lighthouse.

Play a round of golf at the most rustic course in Michigan at Sandy Pebbles Golf Course, or drive up to Copper Harbor and play at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.

There are plenty of waterfalls around to make an adventure out of it with the Copper Falls, Silver River Falls, and plenty more falls around Copper Harbor and Lac La Belle.

If you’re in Copper Harbor check out all the stores, Brockway Mountain, and Fort Wilkins State Park at Lake Fanny Hoe.

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Information and Directions to Copper Falls

Drive on Eagle Harbor Rd from M-41 toward E.H. Look on the right for Central Rd it will come downhill to a stop sign. Turn right onto Central Rd which is a steep but graded hill. At 0.4 miles, look for a left turn. Unless you’re in a high-clearance vehicle park on C. Rd. Follow the curve to the right, past an old gravel pit. Skirt several large puddles, go past the blue pipe and walk to a sandy clearing with a circular track. There’s a rusty metal post in the center. The faint trail to the falls is on the left of the clearing. If you followed the road to a rocky spine, you went too far.

A bit of history on the mine shaft the water falls into. In 1847 Joshua Child recommended the opening of a mine at a place that he named Copper Falls, as the mineral vein of copper he observed was above and below the falls on a small stream known as Owl Creek.  The Owl Creek Fissure Mine was part of the Copper Falls Mining Company.   According to Old Diggings, the Owl Creek Fissure Mine had 5 shafts and 3 adits.


Address: Eagle Harbor Cut Off Rd., Mohawk, MI 49950

Height: 20 Feet

Water Source: Owl Creek