Silver River Falls

Silver River Falls

Things to do near Silver River Falls

There is plenty to check out in this area of the Keweenaw. Spend the day in Eagle River checking out he Eagle River Falls or the Tioga at the Eagle River Museum. Enjoy a summer day on the gorgeous warm sand in Eagle Harbor. Make sure to stop in for a tour at the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse. If your looking for a lighthouse tour make sure to visit the Eagle River Lighthouse as well, and the Copper Harbor Lighthouse.

Play a round of golf at the most rustic course in Michigan at Sandy Pebbles Golf Course, or drive up to Copper Harbor and play at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.

There are plenty of waterfalls around to make a adventure out of it with the Copper Falls, Silver River Falls, and plenty more falls around Copper Harbor and Lac La Belle.

If your in Copper Harbor check out all the stores, Brockway Mountain, and Fort Wilkins State Park at Lake Fanny Hooe.

Silver Falls

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Information and Directions to Silver River Falls

Silver Falls is located 4.5 miles east of Eagle Harbor along M-26. Silver River Falls, about 15 feet wide, begins a short walk downstream from M-26 with a series of rapids that rush towards the falls. The stream divides at the falls to drop about seven feet over a rock outcropping then continues as rapids to another drop into a small pool. Here the river narrows to about 7 feet and continues on through the forest to Lake Superior. A small roadside park with picnic tables and grills is located just across M-26.

Address: M-26, Eagle Harbor, MI

Height: 20 Feet

Water Source: Silver River