Conglomerate Falls

Great Conglomerate Falls

Conglomerate Falls flows over conglomerate rock from which it gets its name and presents a series of gradual waterfalls and many rapids.  The red stone bluffs through which the river flows are beautiful and worth seeing.

Thins to do near Conglomerate Falls

There is plenty to check out in this area of the Keweenaw. Spend the day in Eagle River checking out he Eagle River Falls or the Tioga at the Keweenaw Heritage Museum. Enjoy a summer day on the gorgeous warm sand in Eagle Harbor. Make sure to stop in for a tour at the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse. If your looking for a lighthouse tour make sure to visit the Eagle River Lighthouse as well, and the Copper Harbor Lighthouse.

Play a round of golf at the most rustic course in Michigan at Sandy Pebbles Golf Course, or drive up to Copper Harbor and play at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.

There are plenty of waterfalls around to make a adventure out of it with the Copper Falls, Silver River Falls, and plenty more falls around Copper Harbor and Lac La Belle.

If your in Copper Harbor check out all the stores, Brockway Mountain, and Fort Wilkins State Park at Lake Fanny Hooe.

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Information and Directions to Conglomerate Falls

Proceed to Ahmeek (4 miles north of Calumet on US 41) then turn left – sign will give direction to 5-mile point. About 2.6 miles after leaving US 41, turn left on South Farmer’s Block Road. Go straight on South FBR for 1.0 miles (it changes names from SFBR to Tanskanen Road at 0.8 miles, SFBR turns 90 degrees to right).Stay on Tanskanen Road and when it takes 90 degree turn to right, continue straight onto 1600 Conglomerate Falls Lane.  

The two track woods road begins where the gravel-dirt Tanskanen road makes a 90-degree right turn.  The two track leads about 0.4 miles to a parking area near the falls. Please be aware that the first quarter mile off this road is an easement on private property. Please drive slowly and do not leave the easement. Please do not drive up to or park at the cabin.

At the parking area, the path to Conglomerate Falls is on the left.  The path travels down for about 100 feet and then divides with one path traveling downstream for another 100 yards when you will have to choose to make your way down to the river.  A section of this path is about 100 feet above and very near the river and extreme caution is needs, especially with children.  

Exploration of the river at this point reflects the nature of the falls – a ever descending series of gradual falls.  Returning to the path and to the point of trail division, the up-river path has no point of serious caution but requires careful walking for about another 100 yards before it ends.  This gives a better view of Conglomerate Falls with several larger gradual falls and many rapids.