Silver River Falls
Silver Falls

Discover Silver River Falls

You will find the Silver Falls located in Baraga County.  People know this falls for its salmon runs during salmon season.  Many anglers make this a must-fish spot, and many visitors come each season to watch the Salmon jump up the falls.  But any time of the year, Silver Falls is picturesque, just waiting to be photographed.

Many people make this a picnic destination even though there are no picnic facilities present. Children of all ages love to play along these falls and the surrounding rock outcroppings.

Information and Directions to Silver River Falls

To reach the Silver Falls, you will need to take N. Main Street out of downtown L’Anse for about 1.2 miles. Then you will need to continue on the Skanee Road for another 5.9 miles.
On the right, you will see a sign for Silver Falls Road. Take this road for 0.6 miles and then turn left to the parking lot, which is about 0.1 miles. From the parking lot, you will see various paths to the Falls. Unfortunately, this area is not handicapped accessible. You will discover several sets of waterfalls, and as usual, the Silver Falls is best seen in the early spring with the heavy snowmelt or after several days of rain.  
You will discover the first falls near the parking lot and the rock outcroppings offer good views of Silver Falls. You can make your way to the bottom of the falls if you are adventurous and follow the trail downstream a short distance to find the second waterfalls. The exciting thing about The Silver Falls is that you can edge right up next to the second Falls water chute and experience the cascading waters. However, climbers need to exercise caution as there are no guard rails or fencing. Sharp rock outcroppings and slippery rocks can easily cause you to slip into the edges of the water.  
The Silver River has its headwaters from Fisher Lake in the Huron Mountains of southeastern Baraga County. The Silver River empties approximately 25 miles later into Huron Bay of Lake Superior. Both the Silver Falls and the mouth of the Silver River are excellent fishing spots for salmon.

Address: Skanee Rd., Lanse MI

Height: 20 Feet

Water Source: Silver River

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Experiences Near Silver River Falls

Nearby by the Silver River is the community of Aura, which hosts a music festival in mid-July.  Not far away is the historic ghost town of Pequaming.  Also, there is an excellent swimming beach just northeast of Pequaming, called Second Sand Beach, a county park.  There are picnic facilities at this park and is a favorite for residents of L’Anse and surrounding communities. The waters of Lake Superior at this Beach have a chance to warm up as the waters are sandy and shallow for many feet into the lake.
You may not like swimming at Silver Falls, but you will enjoy swimming at Second Sand Beach.