Powerhouse Falls
Powerhouse Falls

Discover Powerhouse Falls

Visitors can locate the Powerhouse Falls on the Falls River, which runs north 5.1 miles and empties into Keweenaw Bay at L'Anse, MI. The Falls River has its headwaters where the Ogemaw Creek and Burns Creek Junction in south-eastern Baraga County. 

The Falls River is known for its many waterfalls.  Powerhouse Falls is the most well-known of the waterfalls due to its historical setting high above the town of L'Anse.  The Village of L'Anse established the power plant for its electrical power.  The Village built a  cement and block building.   It housed four big cat engines in the back and a couple of massive electric generating motors.  There was an air compressor in it which ran 24/7 off a water turbine.  Every day the electrical company would use the air compressor to start the engine, and the result was an explosion that could be heard all over town.  Back then, the Powerhouse supplied electricity to the people in the Village. 

To use the electricity, people deposited 25 cents into the meter installed at their home or business. The Powerhouse was discontinued when Upper Peninsula Power Company established the present power plant.   The Falls River is 40 wide at the Powerhouse Falls and drops 15 feet. 

Information and Directions to Powerhouse Falls

Reaching this waterfall is easy. Travel south of L'Anse for 1 mile on U.S. Hwy 41.  Then you will need to turn west on Power Dam Road. There is a sign for the falls. Follow the road for about a mile. When it crosses the train tracks, the road branches, watch for another sign for direction to the falls. There is a limited parking area at the falls. There are also several picnic tables near the parking lot. This is a very picturesque falls with paths on the top of the falls.
It is easy to visualize the importance of this Falls for the Village of L’Anse in the early days of its history.
There are several more minor falls just above the Powerhouse Falls. Below the Powerhouse Falls, you can also locate the Middle Falls and the Lower Falls in L'Anse.  The Lower Falls has a parking area on the west side of U.S. Hwy 41, just by the bridge which crosses the Falls river.

Address: Power Dam Road, L'Anse, MI

Height: 6 Feet

Water Source: Falls River

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Things to Do Near Powerhouse Falls

Bishop Baraga Shrine

Baraga County sits along the shores of Keweenaw Bay at the entrance to the Copper Country. Baraga County Historical Museum, Ojibwa Casino, great fishing, snowmobiling, and outdoor recreation offers plenty for your exploration.
Check out the Shrine of Bishop Baraga that overlooks the majestic bay. Play a round of golf at the L'Anse Golf Club. Explore Craig Lake State Park for fishing, canoeing, or kayaking. Plenty of camping at the Ojibwa Park and Campground or the L'Anse Township Park and Campground.

Baraga County has a vast selection of waterfalls to make a weekend adventure. Check out the Canyon Falls, and the other two sections of the Falls River waterfalls.