Jacobs Falls
Jacob Falls

Discover Jacobs Falls in Upper Michigan

A favorite tourist destination as it is located right off the road close the "Jampot" monks store. It is also popular for the nice trails you can climb up and above the falls.  When the water is not running hard it is easy place to climb into the canyon in the upper section. Here, the water flows through gorge cuts in the rock before it cascades down the main drop.

Information and Directions to Jacobs Falls

It is very easy to get to this falls located right off of M-26. Head north of Eagle River 2.6 miles and you arrive.

Address: M-26, 2.6 miles north of Eagle River

Height: 80 Feet

Water Source: Jacob's Creek

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Things to Do Near Jacob Falls

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse located near Jacob Falls

Experiencing Jacob Falls and the surrounding area is worth the trip. The park offers day-use picnic areas. A lovely spot for a family roadside destination as the park is right off the road. An excellent hiking trail runs along the waterfall side and goes up and back into the forest. Be careful with young children as the cliff edges are dramatic. When the water is running low, more experienced hikers can climb up the waterfall and walk the canyon walls back up the hill. This is not a handicap accessible park.  However, you can pull your car up close to the falls and still have amazing views.  At the base of the falls the water does not pool into a swimming area but children still may have fun playing in the stream when the water is running low.

A little store that sells jams and other homemade local products is just down the road called Jam Pots. Local monks operate this store. It offers a wide variety of jams and loaves of bread. This store will provide plenty of snacks as you explore the area.

Lake Superior views are available from atop the falls. Just down the road is the Great Sand Bay which has excellent dunes that are a local favorite. Kids can spend hours here running and jumping all over the dunes. Let your sandy children wash off in Lake Superior, which comes right up to the dunes.

A short drive from here is Eagle Harbor. The town offers more of a traditional beach area for the kids. Additionally, the city has plenty of restaurants and attractions that will complete your journey. Make sure to check out the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse, which is a stunning tourist destination.