Chassell Cross Country Ski Trail

Ski Chassell Cross Country Ski Trail

Located in Chassell, MI. One block off US 41 in Chassell, one km lighted for night skiing, eight km of marked and groomed trails. Novice, intermediate, and advanced. The Lower Trail is 4.9 Km. Easy to Intermediate. The Upper Trail is 4.5 km. Easy to intermediate.
This is a classic trail system maintained by volunteers. Your donations are needed to keep it maintained well, as you can place donations in the “pipe” provided at the parking lot.

Ski Trail Review

The Chassell ski trail is a lovely trail. It is marked by many an easy/intermediate-rated trail. However, there is a lot of uphill in this trail right from the beginning. The good news is it’s all uphill going out and all downhill coming back. For me, this makes it one of the most enjoyable “back-half” trails in the copper country.
The first half is 4.9 km. It starts off in the town of Chassell, MI, near the Chassell Heritage Center. You actually park at the old Ice Rink, which is pretty cool.

The trail starts off uphill and really never stops until the “lower half” halfway point. However, the views and trail are amazing. It crisscrosses some steep ravens that are spanned by gorgeous wood bridges. We all stop on the bridge to get that “million-dollar” family photo. The pines covered in thick snow really tighten in on you in some places, and you really get the feeling of being part of the woods. As you near the top of the hill, the trail feeds out to open farming fields. The sights here are fabulous, and the fields are a welcoming, gentle roll. This is when you know you hit the “lower trail” half waypoint. This is decision time. From here, you can go another 4.5 km on the upper trail or start your downhill journey by completing the second half of the lower trail.

If you continue on the Upper Trail, it flows nicely over open fields for a bit but eventually rejoins the woods. Again, it flows up-hill, but the trees are totally different in the upper section of the trail. Once you hit the top of the trail, which is almost near Paradise Rd – you can actually see the rd; at one point, it starts the majestic downhill run! You basically are skiing from up near Paradise Rd. all the way back downhill to the parking lot. It is a great run. If you catch the trail when it is hard and fast, it is more like an easy downhill ski rather than cross county.
The trails are very well maintained here, and the first 1 km from the parking lot has lights. There is a turnaround loop at this point that brings you back to the starting point. I love this trail and would encourage everyone to take a spin.

Attractions Near the Ski Trail

There are other great scenic and tourist spots close by while you visit Chassell. Check them out and add them to your plans. A great spot to learn all the history of this quaint little town would be the Chassell Heritage Center and Museum. This is a fun little museum that really adds to the small-town feel of the Copper Country. The Chassell Township Park offers great family fun activities, including a playground, picnic and restrooms, beach and swimming, boat and dock access, fishing, and an excellent swimming platform in the water. If you are looking for wildflowers, no better stop than Centennial Park.

Chassell is blessed by water! It is a great stop for fishing and boating with public access to Chassell Bay. This bay connects to Portage Lake, which feeds out into Lake Superior. Chassell is also where the Sturgeon River mouth is located. Boat, canoe, and kayak access into the mouth is accessible and offers excellent fishing and wildlife viewing.

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Information and Destination

Parking is located at the Chassell Ice Rink which is directly next to the Chassell Heritage Center on Hancock St. which is right off US 41. There is a pipe at the parking lot for donations.