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Tee Off at L’Anse Golf Course

The L’Anse Golf Course opened in 1962. It is a 9 hole course and measures 3210 yards from its longest tee box.  It has a slope rating of 110 and a USGA rating of 34.2.  It has 3 different tee boxes for varying skill levels.  There is a very nice driving range, a pro shop with a restaurant, and a nice practice green.

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Course Review for L’Anse Golf Course

This is a fun course and even though there are only nine holes all of them offer a unique challenge.  The course is pretty wide open with some spots of danger for lost balls.  

Hole One

This is a nice par 4 and a really fun way to open up your round. It measures 370 yards. There are woods off the tee that are out of bounds. Treeline off the right of the fairway is in play. A ball in this area makes a second shot into the green nearly impossible. A well-placed shot into the fairway is nice and flat and makes an approach shot into the fairway rather straightforward. The green is round, flat, and smooth. This is an easy two-putt green.

Hole Two

This is a long par 4 measuring 423 yards from the white tees. There is a dogleg right off the tee you have to navigate. Going either too far right or left off the tee makes for an impossible approach shot to the green. The fairway has a slight incline all the way up to the green. The approach shot if you are in the fairway is lovely into a spacious green but will probably be a mid-iron at least away. The green is fairly large to help with a long approach. The green does have some slope in it that can make for a testy putt but should be able to two-putt this green.

Hole Three

The 3rd hole is a short par 3 that plays 141 yards from the white tees. Be careful – this is an elevated tee box and plays a bit shorter.  The green is far below the tee box and tricks players into coming up short all the time.  Also, the green has some serious slope running back towards the tee box. So flying the green back for a tricky second shot. This green will give golfers fits trying to get a solid two-putt.

Hole Four

The Fourth Hole is a straightforward par 4 with a smooth but smaller green.  It measures 401 yards from the white tee boxes. The tee shot is straight down the fairway but fairways from the 2nd and 5th play on both sides of this hole. It does play long and the approach shot should be around 150 yards. The green is flat but small and requires a well-aimed ball to hit the green. Once on this green, it is fairly easy to make an easy two-putt from any spot.

Hole Five

This is where the course really begins to change.  This is a long par 5 measuring 491 yards with a big dogleg right.  There are white stakes out of bounds that guard against the 4th hole fairway.  If you have a good tee shot you still are playing around the dogleg for your second shot. The 150-yard marker is well-positioned for a straight-ahead shot to a large green. The green is round and flat. Get it on in three and you should have a solid two-putt for par.

Hole Six

Now the challenge as the course begins to enter into the woods.  A long par 3 that measures 184 from the whites. Woods that out of bounds on the left, and if you lose your tee shot right into the woods good luck finding it. Oh, and don’t forget that a river crosses the fairway. Plenty of room to layup if you don’t have the confidence to go for the green which is tucked back into the woods. You will need a well-aimed shot to hit this green and don’t go long because there is a nasty slope on the back of the green that will take your ball into the woods. The green has a slope and even making a two-putt here is difficult. Good luck.

Hole Seven

The seventh is a par 5 dogleg right that measures 455 yards from the white tee box.  The fairway off the tee is straight and flat but woods are out of bounds on the left. Woods also line the right but you are fairly safe off the tee unless you hit it short and way right.  Otherwise, you can play out of the trees on the right but good luck getting par.  Long hitters will have a chance at the green if you put your drive on the fairway otherwise you have to manage the dogleg. Good layup spots and nice big green. This is a hole to make par.

Hole Eight

The eighth is a par 4 with lots of trees measuring 372 yards.  Play is open off the tee box to the right but be very careful if you lose it left. A good-sized hill you have to cover off the tee box and a green that is funneled down by trees make this a difficult hole.  Go long past the green just get another ball out of your bag. The green is a tricky two-put.

Hole Nine

The ninth hole is one of the most unique in the Copper County and a personal favorite.  A river winds down the middle of the hole cutting the fairway into two portions. There are woods on the right that are out of bounds but go left and you have a long approach shot up the hill to a raised green.  If you can carry the river and go right there is plenty of landing area but your ball may be above your feet for the approach shot. The green is small and your approach shot is more than likely blind into the green. If you can hit the green it should be an easy two-putt.

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Information and Directions to L’Anse Golf Course

P.O. Box 125
15267 Golf Course Road
L’Anse, MI 49946
P.O. Box 125
(906) 524-6600