Gull Rock Lighthouse

As we leave Bete Grise Bay Mount Bohemia becomes a faint memory as all on board are eager for our adventurous next stop.  Gull Rock Lighthouse is situated atop a half acre pile of rocks 2.5 miles off the shore of the peninsula.  The excitement builds as we pass Keystone Bay and the tip of the peninsula, Keweenaw Point.  In the distance we can see Manitou Island and the small lighthouse that is our destination.  The 2.5 mile journey away from shore has us all on edge and excited.  We pass by a navigation aid and catch a far off site of a Great Lakes Freight Ship. Finally, we arrive at the solemn presence of Gull Rock Lighthouse.  Struck by its mirthless presence we are all in awe that a lighthouse can exist here.  Standing against the ferocity of Lake Superior it defies all odds and remains an operating beacon to sailors.  Even the shabby privy yet stands.