History of the Quincy St. 500 Block

Discover the History of the 500 Block Quincy St.

There is such an amazing array of history in the Copper Country. There are plenty of books and websites dedicated to different mines, Native Americans, lighthouses, and so much more. A single community also offers plenty of history. How it was formed, who formed it, and what was it designed around. Additionally, a single block can hold as much history and memories. The 500 Block on Quincy St. in Hancock, MI is such a community. Full of old buildings, churches, restaurants, diverse ethnic groups, and much more. In this article, we describe the buildings since the 1950s and what they meant to a family that lived there.

Finlandia University Heritage Center

The Odd Number side of the 500 Block of Quincy Street begins with Finlandia University American Heritage Center with its new acquisition, the old Hancock High School, in the background.  Previously, the Heritage Center was St. Joseph-St. Patrick Catholic Church, which moved in 1976 to their new church, the Church of the Resurrection on 900 Quincy Street, Hancock, Michigan.

Finlandia University Heritage Center, the old Hancock High School on the right

‍‍Next to the Finlandia University American Heritage Center is the Finlandia University Bookstore. Previously, this building was the parsonage of St. Joseph-St. Patrick Catholic Church.

Finlandia University Bookstore

On the right in this picture is the parking lot of Finlandia University Bookstore.  This parking lot was previously the home of St. Joseph-St. Patrick Catholic Parochial School, which was taken down in 1959, after the new school was built in West Hancock on Hecla St. It is presently the school and offices of the Intermediate School District.

Bookstore parking lot on the right

The old Hancock school being torn down in October 1959. In the background you can see the steeple of the church.

Picture from personal collection of Coral Polkinghorn