Copper Country Destinations
Best Places to Visit in the Copper Country!

Top Destinations in the Copper Country

The Copper Country is a step back in time with wilderness experiences that are unexcelled anywhere. Looking for fun and adventure or looking for quiet places, the Copper Country will meet every wish.  The Copper Country offers the largest State Park in Michigan, a wilderness developed for hikers, campers of every type with views of Lake Superior that are spectacular.

The Copper Country offers the only undeveloped State Park in Michigan with 1000s of acres that need exploring, three lakes that need fishing, and rustic camp experiences—looking for vistas that will inspire? Lookouts on top of Brockway Mountain in Copper Harbor, a hiking adventure up Bear Mountain, or kayak trips in the many lakes and rivers will thrill your soul. Isle Royale, in the middle of Lake Superior, offers unequaled experience in the wildlife.

Beautiful Gems in the Copper Country

An Outdoor Paradise

There are trails for all walkers, lakes with the calls of the loon, and moose feeding in lush swamp areas. Hundreds of miles of Lake Superior shoreline remain the best-kept secret in the world. Rocky shorelines and sandy beaches intermingle with one another. As a result, you may view over600 different wildflowers in the many different terrains; from the shorelines to the wetlands, the flowers spring forth from early spring until late fall. Come and step back into history as The Keweenaw National Park specializes in the Copper Country's mining heritage and encourages tourism various mining experiences. In addition, the Seaman Museum of Michigan Technological University is an internationally recognized rock museum.

Copper Country Pristine Forests

The two significant forests of the area, the Ottawa National Forest and the Estivant Pines Sanctuary, leave much of the area forested and open for exploration. As a result, wildlife and birds teem through the region. For example, every May, a significant migration of hawks fly north along the Keweenaw corridor with bird watchers and visitors just needing to stand on Brockway Mountain Drive to see these hawks flying by at eye level.

Houghton has been designated as one of the best places to live in the United States. The Copper Country helps reduce stress and enlivens the spirit of all passing through, and helps gives every person a connection both with their history and with a heartfelt peace.