Porcupine Mountains Fall Color Tour

Porcupine Mountains Fall Color Tour

Porcupine Mountains Tour Loop

This tour is all about the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. There is a treasure trove of picturesque views in the park. The Lake of the Clouds, rivers, waterfalls, amazing shoreline views. The Porcupine Mountains really do have it all. However, if your seeking a loop in the lower part of the Copper Country to take there are plenty of other great sites. The Porcupine Mountains Color Tour loop takes nearly 4 hours to drive but make sure plan for lots of stops along the way if your going to stop at each location.

Fall Colors Around Keweenaw Bay

The door to the Copper Country is well believed to be L'Anse, MI. The Keweenaw Bay is a homecoming for many locals but is figuratively the front door into the heart of the land. A great place to view the fall colors that surround the bay is from the Bishop Baraga Shrine. The shrine itself offers a wealth of historical information, but it also sits atop a bluff that is a great viewing area. If you are coming from lower Michigan or the eastern part of the Upper Peninsula, this is a great starting location.

Fall Colors Along Lake Superior

Heading west on Highway 38, you can plan to have lunch in Ontonagon. There are plenty of great scenic views in the area to see fall colors. Check out the Ontonagon Township Park and Campground. Also, the colors along the Ontonagon River are ideal. Heading out of town on highway 64, there are beautiful views of colors along Lake Superior. There is plenty of pull-offs to get incredible pictures.

Porcupine Mountains Fall Color

The Porcupine Mountain fall color tour is all about the park and the many sites to see. At the entrance to the parks, make sure to stop at the Bonanza Falls. These are beautiful falls, and the backdrop of colors along the multiple drops of the falls are magnificent. From here, drive up to the Lake of the Clouds, this is the #1 destination in the park for tourism because of the breathtaking views and full access. There are ramps from the parking lot to the viewpoints that are wheelchair accessible. The views of the lake truly are postcard-worthy and will leave you full of memories.  If you have time, there are plenty of hiking trails down to the lake. Explore the lake at your pleasure and enjoy all it has to offer. After this, the park has so much to offer.  There are plenty of hiking trails into the depths of the park or out towards Lake Superior. Check out the multiple waterfalls called the Presque Isle Falls. Here a short hiking trail will bring you along several breathtaking falls in which the colors are abundant.

Silver Mountain Fall Colors Pop

Heading back east, there is a great local favorite called Silver Mountain to view fall colors and rock climbing. To get to the top of the mountain does require a hike, so be prepared. However, the view from the top is breathtaking and well worth the trip. There are stairs to the top, but they are closed off at the bottom, and a hiking trail up the mountain is the path to this hidden gem.