Keweenaw Mountain Lodge

The most stunning tee box view in all of Michigan arguably has to belong to the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge Golf Course in Copper Harbor, MI.  Breathtaking views of Brockway Mountain fill the skyline as you tee up on the first hole. What a way to start off your round.  This course and lodge have so much to offer visitors.  It opened in 1935 and is a 9 hole course with multiple tee boxes. The lodge has a full dining restaurant that is top-notch in the area.   The rustic cabins that line the right-hand side of the opening hole are perfect for family lodging.  They also have a full disc golf course, pro shop, mountain biking, hiking, and all of the enjoyable Copper Harbor activities are only minutes away. This is the perfect golf course to plan your summer vacation around.

Information and Directions to Keweenaw Mountain Lodge

14252 US Highway 41
Copper Harbor, MI  49918-5158
P:  (906) 289-4403

Monday-Thursday Rates:
9 Holes: $20.00; *Resort Rate: $15.00
18 Holes $30.00; Resort Rate: $25.00
Friday-Sunday Rates:
9 Holes: $25.00; Resort Rate: $20.00
18 Holes: $35.00; Resort Rate: $30.00

Cart Rates:
9 Holes: $15.00; 18 Holes $20.00
Push/Pull Carts: $5.00

Club Rental:
Per Day: $45.00; Resort Rate: $30.00
For 3 Days: Resort Rate: $70.00

Course Review for Keweenaw Mountain Lodge

The rolling down hill slope of the 1st hole fairway

Starting a round off with views of Brockway Mountain is amazing but also, who does not love a downhill par 4. The first hole is lots of fun, especially if you have the wind at your back off the tee. However, woods and lodging cabins on your right can spell immediate trouble. Play your approach shot short as it will be sure to run onto the green really nice.

The second hole is a long par 4 with a major dog leg right. You will be tempted to cut the corner off the tee box, but tall trees guard this option and usually make this a bad choice. Play it straight and find a good approach shot into a sloped green.

The third hole is a short uphill par 3. The green is raised above the fairway, and anything short will not find the green. Go long, and your chip shot back onto the green is scary at best.

The fourth hole is a deep par 5 uphill all the way. The fairway has a gully that cuts across the middle of the fairway. Try to carry this to the right, and if you go left, the hole only seems longer.

The fifth hole is a dog leg left par 4. There is a lot of rolling slopes on the fairway and the option left off the tee box only spells trouble. The green is sloped back towards the golfer so good luck.

The sixth hole is one of the most unique in all of golf. It is a short par 4 only 330 yards. Yet massive slopes in the fairway and a large pond protect the green and make any approach shot extremely difficult. A good approach shot goes into the most difficult green I have ever faced. It has three levels all sloped back towards the pond. Good luck!!!!

9th hole, fairway and green with club house in the back

The seventh hole is another deep par 5 but it dog legs right. Wood everywhere, so make sure to hit it straight. It really is not worth it to hug the woods right as clipping trees will certainly sink your scorecard!

The eighth hole is another dog leg left par 4. It is not terribly long, but the dog leg is 90 degrees and uphill. Hole nine is the final hole back towards the lodge and is a long par 3 with a sloped green.