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A beautiful experience is how to describe the Hungarian Falls found in the Upper Peninsula of MI. A hike, sights of Torch Lake, and three different waterfalls make the beauty of this trip. The ruins of mining sites and a gorgeous rock cliff portion of the journey worthy of award-winning pictures.  All of this and more makes the Hungarian Falls a must-stop destination of the Upper Peninsula's Copper Country.

Information and Directions to Hungarian Falls

Hungarian Falls is a cascading series of waterfalls in Houghton County, Michigan. The falls are located off of Highway 26 as you pass through the small town of Hubbell. Turn on 5th St. and there is a gravel road that will take you to the lower falls parking section. There are three sections to the falls.  The upper falls, which flows off the dam, can be accessed through a hiking trail or a gravel road. The middle section, a short hike, offers some of the best photo opportunities in the Upper Peninsula. Finally, the lower section is breathtaking and can be accessed from the bottom parking area and a short hike.

Address: Golf Course Rd, Calumet, MI 49913

Height: 50 Feet

Water Source: Dover Creek

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Things to Do Near Hungarian Falls

Tamarack Stamping Mill near the Hungarian Falls

A visit to the Hungarian Falls will not leave you disappointed.  There is a gravel road off of 5th Street that leads to the lower falls parking section.  Access to the lower falls is a short hike and rated as moderate.  It is not wheelchair accessible, and the path has a few ups and downs.  It will lead to a beautiful viewing bridge of the lower falls.  Here is a great place to take pictures and enjoy the views of Torch Lake.

There is a hiking path before the bridge that leads up to the middle and upper falls portion. However, if you want to hike into the lower falls sections, you can also access paths down into the gorge from the bridge. Walking into the lower falls during spring when water is flowing hard is not advisable.  

The hike up to the middle section is beautiful!  It is rated moderate/difficult.  It is a good climb up the path, but many tree roots are tripping hazards.  The hike is beautiful, and you will pass by some old mining ruins.  The view down into the gorge from the cliff area of the walk is gorgeous.  The middle section of the falls is a top destination in the Copper Country for photo opportunities.  A pool of water at the base of the falls is easily accessible, and children can wade it even though it is not very deep.  You are surrounded by cliff walls covered in moss that provides a magical experience.  

The path up to the upper falls is rated as moderate.  However, you can drive up to the upper falls portion, and there is a parking area. This portion of the falls flows from a dam area.  The falls cascade down rock sheets and during the spring can be impressive.  There is no pool of water at the bottom but lots of great family photo opportunities.

Finding other things to explore while at the falls is very quickly done.  The Tamarack Mining Company Stamping Mill is easily visible and accessible across the Street at the Tamarack Park.  Here, the history of the Copper Country is very rich, and we are blessed to have some of it still standing.  The structure visible at the park was built around 1886 and shows the concrete foundations that held up giant Steam Stamps used to Process Copper Ore.  The skeletal remains can be seen atop the foundations.  The steam stamps were engineering marvels.  Tamarack park also is an excellent place for families to have a picnic or enjoy food at the Coppermine Food and Spirits just down the road.