Eagle River Falls

Eagle River Falls Michigan

Eagle River Falls

A beautiful falls located right off the road cascades over the pool at the top. A powerful falls during springtime runs swift under the old wooden bridge. This flows down into the lower falls section and then out into Lake Superior.

Information and Directions to Eagle River Falls

Located along the south side of M-26 as it enters the village of Eagle River. A parking area and pedestrian bridge just off M-26 make viewing these falls very easy. There is an upper falls and a lower falls at this location.

Address: M-26, Eagle River, MI 49950

Height: 60+ Feet

Water Source: Eagle River

Things to Do Near Eagle River

Eagle River Museum located near the Eagle River Falls

There is so much to experience and do at the Eagle River Falls in Michigan's Copper Country.  The most important thing is taking in all the different views of the 60-foot falls.  Start high above on the pedestrian bridge, which is located right off M-26.  This is a wheelchair-accessible and kid-friendly viewing area.  It offers plenty of great picture opportunities.  During the spring, when the water is running heavy, enjoy the mists of the water that cascade down the cliff's edge and into the gorge, which makes up the lower portion of the falls. Winter turns the falls into a magical place.  Often times ice formations will creep up the waterfall into magical statues. The bridge itself is a beautiful structure worth as much admiration. The old timbers and craftsmanship that went into making this a marvel are worth a visit to the local Eagle River Museum.  

There are plenty of trails to get more up close and personal to the upper falls section. Be careful and go slow.  This area is not handicap accessible but offers excellent viewing of the mighty falls.  There is not a swimming pool at the bottom, but the river flows down into the lower section. The lower section is a low cascading falls area and is a fun adventure to explore.

The lower falls eventually flows out into Lake Superior and the beautiful beaches of Eagle River. This is where a family outing experience is going to your best option.  The beaches are sandy, picnic tables, and vast amounts of lakeshore make this a great spot.  The river as it flows out into Lake Superior is a local favorite for children of all ages to play in.

During the spring, the river is excellent for fishing and a spawning hot spot for lake salmon.  The beach offers plenty of kite flying opportunities, rock hunting, and public parking.  If you need a bite to eat, then Fitzerald's Hotel and Restaurant are literally right on the beach. The hotel offers rooms with amazing views of Lake Superior, where you can take advantage of listening to the gentle waves lull you to sleep.

Eagle River Falls - Upper Section