Conglomerate Falls
Conglomerate Fall

Conglomerate Falls

Conglomerate Falls flows over the conglomerate rock from which it gets its name and presents a series of gradual waterfalls and many rapids. The red stone bluffs through which the river flows are beautiful and worth seeing.

Information and Directions to Conglomerate Falls

When you arrive at Ahmeek, which is 4 miles north of Calumet on US 41, turn left and follow the sign to 5-Mile Point. After turning onto 5-Mile Point, you will then travel about 2.6 miles. Look for the sign for South Farmer’s Block Road and turn left. Go straight on South Farmer’s Block Road for 1.0 miles (it changes names from SFBR to Tanskanen Road at 0.8 miles, SFBR turns 90 degrees to the right). Stay on Tanskanen Road and when it takes 90 degrees, turn to the right, continue straight onto 1600 Conglomerate Falls Lane.

The two-track woods road begins where the gravel-dirt Tanskanen Road makes a 90-degree right turn. The County does not plow this road, and you may need to leave your car at this point if the two-track road still has snow. Otherwise, take the two-track road 0.4 miles, and you will arrive at a small parking area. An easement through the private property during the first quarter-mile allows visitors to reach a small parking lot near the falls. There is a local cabin in the vicinity, and the owners ask that you do not disturb their property.
At the parking area, the path to Conglomerate Falls is on the left. The trail travels down for about 100 feet and then divides with one direction traveling downstream for another 100 yards when you will have to choose to make your way down to the river. A section of this path is about 100 feet above and near the river. Extreme caution is needed, especially with children, as there is no fencing to protect anyone from falling 100 feet into the river below.

At this point, exploration of the river reflects the nature of the falls – an ever descending series of gradual falls. After returning to the path and the point of trail division, the up-river course has no point of serious caution but requires careful walking for about another 100 yards before it ends. The upper trail gives a better view of Conglomerate Falls with several more significant gradual falls and many rapids.

Water Source: Gratiot River

Conglomerate Falls Video

Rocky shore along Lake Superior

Things to Do Near Conglomerate Falls

If you are visiting the Conglomerate Falls, you may wish to return to 5-Mile Point Road and take time to stop along the road where it rides along Lake Superior.  This area has lots of rocks for a rock collector and is usually a quiet place to enjoy the Lake.  Also, you may wish to play a round of golf at the Sandy Pebble Golf Course, a most unique and primitive course, providing a round of golf you will be sure to talk about for years.