Specialty Shops

The Copper Country has long enjoyed a great variety of specialty shops that services the thousands of visitors to our four county region, the numerous web site visitors seeking special items connected with the Copper Country, and also all the local residents.  These specialty shops are not only the traditional gift shops, jewelers, and flower shops, but are also those that are more unique to our area, which include the rock shops, bakers, and the antique dealers.  Each group contributes to the richness of our area.  Many of the specialty shops are seasonal and cater primarily to the summer tourist trade.  But as the snowmobiling season continues to attract more and more visitors to the area, many shops are choosing to stay open.  Our efforts are to present each grouping to you by county.

Many of the local gift shops are filled with local handmade crafts and gift ideas in addition to carrying many products from outside the area.  Most gift shops though will carry a majority of their items that somehow relate to the area and many focus on a specialty item, such as copper productions, or articles that relate to mining or to a facet of the Copper Country.   These shops are unique and owners work hard to be attractive and relevant in their products both to the local residents and to visitors.

While the Copper Country does not have many rock shops, those that are here are worth visiting.  Each shop attempts to maintain high quality rocks along with a wide variety of budget rocks for the curious.  The Copper Country also enjoys one of the finest rock and mineral museums in the world - the Seaman Mineral Museum presently located on Michigan Technological University's campus in Houghton.

The many fine bakers throughout the Copper Country make everyone's day a little sweeter, whether it be birthday cakes or pies or delicious tasting cookies.  Some, like the Hilltop in L'Anse have the famous cinnamon roll about the size of a loaf of bread that just begs to be tasted and enjoyed. 

Flowers for every occasion or for those special moments or for just pure enjoyment of a flower, the flower shops through the Copper Country are here to serve the area.  The many fine nurseries get us ready for springtime, helping us to decorate our yards after the long winter snows with color and beauty.  The nurseries also offer many local gardeners plants designed for this area's growing season and help ensure a bountiful harvest.

The Copper Country is a place to find many unique items associated with our local area.  Mining equipment, lumbering artifacts, old bowls and bottles, and precious pieces of furniture can be found in these quaint antique shops. 

Whether you are looking for that right piece of jewelry for yourself or the one you love or whether you are seeking a special engraving on a piece of jewelry, the many jewelers are here to serve the public.  In addition, the new laser engravers are capable of literally burning a reproduction of your favorite photo onto a cup or create a wood craving.