Meditations on Childhood Abandonment

This series is being presented for deep reflection on the importance of good parenting of children.  So many of us were raised in alcoholism, domestic violence, or in sexual abuse, that the vast majority of people to some degree or another have experienced childhood abandonment.  While God the Father wishes indeed to become our new Father, the reality of our experience has a strong tendency to be a major obstacle in developing a close intimate relationship with God Himself.  This series is meant to stimulate each of us to consider our past, recognize what obstacles we may be facing, and develop a trust in God the Father, who is very different than our childhood parents.  We need to be aware of our natural tendency to transfer our parental experience onto God.  Many of us, as a result, are wary of developing any trustful relationship with God. Some of us are just very angry with God for not hearing our prayers when we were small. And some of us have grown numb, not caring one way or the other. With an awareness of what has happened to us may we may be willing to take one more step and seek God for who He really is - a God of Love.