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Old Victoria

Old Victoria is one of the first sites Old Victoria Visitor Centerever mined for copper in the America.  It is a picturesque ghost town now under restoration and maintained by the Society for the Restoration of Old Victoria, Inc.  This is where the famous "Ontonagon Boulder" was discovered in the Ontonagon river. The Boulder is now resting in the National Museum of Natural Science at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

 Even beforeSign of Alexander Henry Alexander Henry arrived in 1766, the shallow pits in the area indicate that ancient miners were here for centuries before.  After Alexander Henry’s prospecting failed, the site was not explored again until the mid 1800's. A village sprung up around the Victoria Copper Mine.Furnishings inside Visitor Center at Old Victoria  The restoration is presently in progress and 4 of the homes have been restored.  Restoration is in progress on the fifth home and three other homes can be seen in serious disrepair.   Restoration Project at Old VictoriaThese hand hewn log cabins, built nearly 100 years ago to serve as housing for the miners at the Victoria Copper Mine, can be viewed from the road and are open so you can take a guided tour through the furnished rooms.  Restored Home at Old VictoriaYou also can just wander around by yourself but you will miss the information that comes through the tour. The continuing restoration of this early mining village includes a wealth of historical items located in cabins depicting the early mining days.

The scenic North Country Trail winds its way through 
Map of North Country Trail at Old Victoria this section of Ontonagon County and is right next to the restoration project. The Trail follows nearby bluffs and offers a view of the area's only hydroelectric dam. Nearby are the sites where the "Copper Boulder" was found, as well as the location of the Taylor Hydraulic Air Compressor. This device, which is now under water, once provided ample, reliable pneumatic power to the Victoria Mines.


Old Victoria is a cooperating historical site of the Keweenaw National Park.

The Old Victoria Restoration Society presents guided tours of the location from 10:30 am-5:30 pm Memorial Day Weekend through the color season. Enjoy coffee cooked on the old wood stove or a glass of fresh lemonade. 

Tours daily: $5.00 per person, $2.00 for children 5 years to 12. 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.  Memorial Day weekend thru the Fall Color Season (Oct 15)

There is an annual craft fair on the third Sunday in August 21, 2005. Enjoy lunch and  cinnamon rolls on the grounds. October 9th is Last Chance Cinnamon Roll Day.

Old Victoria is located in Ontonagon County 5 miles southwest of Rockland on the Victoria Dam Road.  Please contact (906) 886-2617 for more information.

Old Victoria is maintained by the

Society for the Restoration of Old Victoria, Inc.
PO Box 43,
Rockland, Michigan 49960

906-886-2617 ( the site) or



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