Bond Falls Flowage Campground

Bond Falls Gallery

Bond Falls, Paulding, Michigan

Bond Falls is a scenic and popular waterfall in southern Ontonagon County. Bond Falls is created as the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon River tumbles over a thick belt of fractured rock, dividing it into numerous small cascades. Total drop of the falls is approximately 50 feet. Bond Falls looks very different in the spring of the year when the melting winter snows swell the river than  in the middle of the summer when the Ontonagon River relies only on seasonal rainfall.  Click here to see Bond Falls and the cascades in the Spring

Currently, roadside parking and picnic tables are available near the top of the falls. Current viewing access is via a non-accessible foot trail.

To reach the falls follow US-45 to Paulding, Michigan, which is located midway between Watersmeet and Bruce Crossing. In Paulding turn east on Bond Falls Road and travel three miles to the parking area near the Bond Falls Flowage. From the parking area follow the foot trail to the falls.

While Michigan State Parks do not have a State Campground here, Upper Peninsula Power Company maintains a wonderful campground immediately south of Bond Falls.