Agate Falls Gallery


Considered by many to be one of upper Michigan's most picturesque waterfalls, Agate Falls is located on the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon River. The falls are created as the river finds its way over an extended shelf of terraced sandstone. The resulting waterfall is a broad band of interlacing cascades and small falls nearly 40 feet high.  See our  gallery for many different views of Agate Falls

Agate Falls is just a few minutes walk from the MDOT-maintained Joseph Oravec roadside park on M-28, four miles west of Trout Creek. The trail from the roadside park on M-28 is well maintained and leads to a small viewing area high above the Falls offering a far off view of these wonderful Falls. A railroad trestle overhangs the Falls far above. A park bench is placed in the middle of the trestle for people to view the Falls.

To gain access to the views below as seen in our gallery, a person will need to go around the main viewing area at the end of the trail and carefully work his way down a long hillside (see bottom picture in the gallery for an idea of how steep the hillside is) which is not maintained and is very difficult to traverse. It is not recommended to try this climb unless one is in good shape.  But the effort is worthwhile and allows one to feel the power of the Falls

Parking, water, toilets and picnic tables are available at the park, which is generally open from early May through late October.

Parking is also available at the Agate Gift Shop and the owner wishes to invite each and everyone to visit the Gift Shop.